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Without John, no Greenie

We would have loved to come up with it ourselves, but it was John Grootscholten, owner of Jogrow nursery at the time, who wanted to cultivate based on facts. His dream: to make the entire growth journey from seed to plant fully transparent throughout the greenhouse and plan cultivations based on sales planning. On April 15, 2020, Greenie was born. With the growth journey from seed to plant visible, John creates better cultivation plans, knows which suppliers deliver the best quality cuttings, and his sales department sells based on real-time data.

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Better together

We don't just help you, you also help Greenie. At Greenie, we pay a lot of attention to our daily users. We're curious about all feedback and use it as a basis for improving our platform. This way, you can participate in the development and contribute your ideas, which we aim to implement in the short term.

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