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Your cultivation gets a score

Greenie calculates an accuracy score per growth template. It compares the number of days you initially thought would be needed for a particular cutting to the actual number of days. This way, you can refine templates, have a more realistic sales forecast, and require fewer adjustments during the growth process.


Spot the differences

In addition to the accuracy score, you can immediately see which factors were relevant for that specific growth template. Analyze the differences between the growth templates with different accuracy scores at a glance. Incorporate the improvements into the cultivation planning and maintain successful growth templates.

Numbers don't lie

When applying for financing, historical performance is crucial. Greenie not only helps you make informed business decisions but is also used to convince others of the consistent performance. Greenie presents fact-based information on how plants move through the greenhouse, the percentage of losses, and actual sales. Additionally, you have real-time visibility of inventory value and the plants ready for sale.