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Just Change IT

Change is not easy because sticking to what you've always done feels most comfortable for most people. However, the world around us does not stand still. If a company does not embrace the technology of the future, its survival will eventually be at stake. Our mission is to help companies start the change on time. Do you enjoy challenging companies in the horticulture industry to change?

Growing together



Work hard, play hard

Our team is full of ambition and always strives for success! Change is in our DNA, and enjoying our work is a priority. Thanks to our great company culture, there is always a positive atmosphere in the workplace.


A little about us...

Greenie gives you full control over your greenhouse. Operational and financial flows become transparent. We do this every day for all our customers. In addition to all the hard work, we organize a fun company gathering every month and go on a winter sports trip every year!

Our vacancies

Would you like to join Greenie? And work for the most beautiful and greenest companies in the Netherlands? You can! At this moment we unfortunately do not have a vacancy available, but an open application is always possible!