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Every square meter counts

To determine the availability of space over time, Greenie takes into consideration the different growth phases and speeds of cultivation throughout the year. The calculated space for all the different cultivation plans is added up daily, providing a comprehensive overview. You can view the occupied space or the available sales per square meter, per section, or per greenhouse. With Greenie, you can plan years ahead.

Curious about more?

Greenie gives you complete control over your greenhouse. Operational and financial flows become transparent. Curious about more?


Expected costs split per cultivation

To make an accurate cost estimation, Greenie distinguishes three types of costs, each with its own frequency and characteristics:

  1. Growth costs: often strongly tied to volumes and therefore highly variable.
  2. Product costs: directly related to the number of plants you sell.
  3. Operational costs (per greenhouse): needed every month, but they may fluctuate, for example, due to a higher energy bill.

Greenie allocates each cost in a weighted manner to the plants included in the cultivation plan. This way, you can analyze the growth, production, and operational costs per cultivation in advance and afterwards.


Expected weekly revenue calculation

Greenie predicts the expected revenue based on two factors:

  1. Available sales: the cultivation plan tells you which plants are ready for sale.
  2. Expected selling price: the sales data from the past two years determine the expected selling price at that time

But what about days like Mother's Day?

Special days in the year that have a significant impact on prices don't always fall on the same day, such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Greenie doesn't look at the selling price on a daily basis but rather on a weekly basis. This way, you also take these special days into account.

Adjustments can always be made

If you suspect that the market is influenced by exceptional circumstances that were not considered in the past, you can easily overwrite the expected selling price yourself.