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Measuring from seed to plant

Measurement is key, especially in a greenhouse. Greenie notes, structures, and analyzes every step in the growth process. You record all the steps in Greenie, such as the location in the greenhouse, planting time, supplier, and time of year. We acknowledge that this may require a new way of working at the beginning. But as the saying goes, sow first, then harvest. The systematic improvements quickly outweigh the extra work.

Work efficiently, plan ahead

Greenie operates based on the cultivation plan and provides a daily overview of what needs to be done that day to achieve the expected revenue. Planting, layout, quality control—your employees know their tasks for today, tomorrow, and next week.


Quality-oriented management

In the sales overview, you receive real-time information about the plants that are ready for sale. If a cultivation progresses faster than expected or if you've just placed a sales order, it immediately updates in the sales overview. Occasionally, a cultivation may not go according to plan due to unforeseen circumstances. In Greenie, you can see whether this will impact future sales orders, allowing you to make timely adjustments.